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Kilchurn Castle Loch Awe

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Steam Gallery
All Steamed Up Great Central Loughbrough
Wind Cutter

All Steamed Up
This was taken in November at about 9pm some 15 years ago & is still as popular as ever
4141 Rothley
4141 Loughbrough




All  images here were taken at the Great Central Loughbrough








The Great Central Railway is the UK's only double track, main line heritage railway. It’s the only place in the world where full size steam engines can be seen passing each other – just as it was when steam ruled the rails.


Trains run every weekend of the year, bank holidays and daily in the summer. In addition, First Class Restaurant Car Services provide 4 or 6 course meals, whilst travelling between Loughborough and Leicester or childhood dreams can come true with a Drive a Train Experience.

Rods n Wheel
Rods n Wheel 2
Rods n Wheel 3
Rods n Wheel 4
Rods n Wheel 5
Tea Pot
All Steamed Up.
Wind Cutter.
Rods n Wheel.
Rods n Wheel 2.
Rods n Wheel 3.
Rods n Wheel 4.
Rods n Wheel 5.
The Great Central Railway.
The Great Central Railway.
The Great Central Railway.
Tea Pot.