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Kilchurn Castle Loch Awe

SCP Landscape Photographer West Coast of Scotland, UK".Fine Art Prints

Steve Cross Photography
Welcome to Digi2Art

The last time I painted was at junior school, ( 45 years ago ) blue sky green grass square house pointy roof 4 windows a door with  stick people and a stick dog no I couldn't paint.
 I have always had a great interest in the arts and painting but never been able to fulfil my ambitions, this is where photography came in point the camera press the shutter instant picture, although in the early days many hours were spent in the dark room working on black and whites, I have been keen on photography for 40+ years a member of clubs in the east midlands and Scotland for as many years, so now up to date with digital imaging and the age of instant images, I have decided to slow the process down and paint the images taken on a digital camera. (Digi2Art) The first you have to do is get over I can’t paint! Any one can do it just not very well, it takes time and practice. I started with Acrylic's and now Oils                              

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